Saturday, December 11, 2010

Weekend Away

This morning we woke up to lots and lots of snow! Dustin took the snow blower to the driveway twice (so far) and the girls and I shoveled the smaller areas multiple times but it keeps coming! We were planning on heading home tonight but it won’t be happening. It seems we are snowed in pretty good.
 Since we don’t own a snow blower I’m a little worried to see how much snow we have to shovel just to reach our front door. I really shouldn’t complain since we have been completely blown away with the kindness and generosity of one of our neighbors, John. He lives alone with his two cute kitties, lets us borrow different tools from his massive garage, and is always so helpful with any electronic/motorized device. Out of the goodness of his heart (and probably feeling a bit sorry for us since we have an itty bitty lawn mower and a single shovel with no garage) he has mowed our lawn with his riding lawn mower and snow blowed our driveway on almost every occasion since only a few months after moving in. Yes, it’s true! We are so thankful for the wonderful people God puts in our lives.

This is when the snow wasn't so bad yet...

                                           Where'd Tori go?
 As you can see, the snow was up well past the glass door and a couple inches over the lawn chairs!

We’re having a great time staying at my parent’s house this weekend while they’re away at a seminar for a few days. It really is a blessing to be able to spend some quality time with my two youngest sisters. Since we’re far apart in age (10 years from Tori and 15 from Grace) we didn’t really spend a lot of time living in the same house or growing up together, so it’s nice to get to stay for a few days when we can. It’s also so cute to see how excited Emery gets to see her aunties! She kicks her little feet and squeals when she sees them, putting her hands out for one of them to pick her up. She definitely loves them! We were able to have dinner and visit with my brother, his wife and their two adorable boys on Thursday as well. It’s a blast to see the cousins interact with each other and get excited when they see each other.

Grace and Emery. Emery thinks she is hilarious, even if Grace just looks at her and smiles Emery will laugh at her!
        Tori and Emery. Emery loves to give Tori kisses :)

As some of you may know, when it came to crawling Emery decided she wanted to be different so she would only scoot around on her belly, or “army crawl,” until just recently. I guess it just wasn’t her style. :) As she’s been pulling herself up, walking around (with assistance of objects in her reach), she has finally learned to crawl like all of the other babies she knows. Dustin and I had basically given up trying to teach her (yes, we’d get on all fours and show her the ropes), and figured she’d just transition to walking without ever really crawling. So it’s been pretty exciting, and honestly a little strange, to actually see her crawl normally!
Another thing she learned over the weekend at grandma and grandpa’s house is how to climb the stairs! Obviously with someone spotting her from behind, she absolutely loves climbing up the two flights all by herself. She’ll turn around to look at you and start laughing, climb the next stair, turn and laugh, etc. It’s pretty cute!

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  1. Thanks for blogging! It is fun to kind of "keep up" with you guys and with Caleb's friend Emery! She is such an adorable and fun little girl!