Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Declan at Three Months

Our little chubby man is 3 months old! And oh what a chunker he is!

Pretty sure he's surpassed the size of the lion
I'm not certain of his weight right now but I would guess that he's somewhere around 15-16 pounds. I'm pretty sure he grows new rolls daily! Declan's growing out of some of his 3-6 month clothes and I've had to buy him a few 9 month pj sets and summer rompers the other day. Dustin was quite the chubby baby too so I'll have to pull out some of his baby pictures and compare daddy and son.

Serious face
That's definitely an "enough with the pictures, mom" face.
Declan's demeanor has changed in the past month from a little on the fussy side (like his sister) to more mellow and chill. Of course, he still has those crabbier days, especially if he stays up too late or we're out and about all day and he doesn't get enough sleep. But in general he's very content just hanging out,   in our arms or out, moving or just sitting still. This is very different for us, since we are used to constant motion and always holding Em when she was a baby to keep her content.

Conspiring a plan with the lion to take away the camera

He loves sitting up (supported of course) and will pull himself up to a sitting position if we have him reclined in our arms. We've put him in the bumbo chair for shorts periods of time and he really enjoys being able to sit up and look around.
We recently took out the exersaucer and let him try it too. He does his best to grab at the toys and occasionally even gets one in his hand and into his mouth. In the past week he has been grabbing our fingers and random toys that we give him and he immediately puts them in his mouth. Of course, I'm afraid this is the beginning of months and months of teething.

Oh, have I mentioned his crazy hair yet? He has the worst cowlick ever. A tuft of hair at the crown of his head refuses to stay put. It sticks straight up despite the number of times we pat it down with water, brush it in different directions, wash it, oil it, etc. It's pretty silly but adorable at the same time.

Crazy hair
Declan is very ticklish like his big sister. When we tickle him he gets a big smile on his face, tenses up, squirms, and lets out the cutest little squeal you've ever heard! Just a couple days ago he gave daddy his first real laugh too! He still has his little dimples when he smiles, which is often these days. When you talk to him he'll smile and talk back in his own little language. He'll almost always flash us a smile when we catch his eye and smile at him.

Declan will sleep anywhere from 4-6 hours straight at night then be up every couple hours after that until 6:30-7am. He even did an 8 hour long stretch one night. We're still hoping that happens again and stays that way soon. Naps are on somewhat of a loose schedule. Some days he sticks to a schedule, and others not so much...which mean some days he naps well and other days he barely naps at all. We'll keep working on it. He just loves being awake and alert when we're around other people or in new surroundings, so sometimes he'll refuse to sleep or will only take 20-30 minute naps just so he doesn't miss anything. Just like his sister!

We're having fun watching Emery and Declan interact a little more this month too. I can't begin to count just how many kisses Declan gets from his sister everyday. It's a lot. Sometimes too many and Declan will let her know! When you have to tell Em to "stop sucking on Declan's toes, just kisses, Em," you know she loves her little brother. Emery will come running to Declan's side to hold his hand if he begins crying in his crib, the carseat, or wherever he may be.

Two Sweeties
My favorite is listening to her one-ended conversations she has with her brother as well...while always pausing to give him time to answer her questions of course. While getting really close to his face she'll say, "Declan, do you want to read this book (holding the book to his face)?" "Declan, do you want to eat some milk?" "Do you want to play with this toy?" "Declan, do you like puzzles too?" and so on. 
Emery loves talking to us about all the things she will teach her brother when he gets bigger as well. She lights up when she talks of teaching him to go potty on the big toilet, teaching him to eat real food, to play with all of the toys, to talk, sing songs, etc. 

My favorite

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  1. wow - that kiddo's got some rolls!! So adorable!! Love seeing Emery as a big sis, she's a natural!