Thursday, January 13, 2011

Compilation of Websites

Because I like to save money, clip coupons, and find good deals I'm always on the look-out out for the best places to find them. And since it's not always easy to find coupons for organic foods and natural products I end up bookmarking websites that I find or that someone told me about here and there. I know I love when someone tells me where to find the deals, find new recipes, and get good prices so I thought I'd compile a list of the websites that I really like and I also included some other ones that I just find fun and helpful for healthy living. Hope these can be useful for someone!

Love this site for the printable coupons on organic items:

Another organic coupon site. Also, great recipes and gluten free ideas:

Always great organic coupons and other good deals:

I love the pocket guides to healthy baby products/personal products/foods/plastics/etc. Very helpful:

Good info regarding what to look for and avoid in your personal care products:

Great site for recipes, how-to's, info on foods and their health benefits, etc. Makes me hungry every time I go to it!

A few of my favorite places to buy baby products and diapers:

This one gives you the daily deals on baby products:

If you know of other great similar websites let me know!


  1. Thanks for sharing! I always enjoy good resources and inspiration. Have you checked out at all? I really enjoy her blog. Another one I like is

  2. Thanks for mentioning these, I really enjoy them both! I love the "bellies and babies" section of the first blog!