Tuesday, May 15, 2012

You know you're a parent when...

Since it was just Mother's day and soon to be Father's day I thought this was fun. Add your own to the bottom!

You know you're a parent when:

- You have to pull over on the side of the highway to nurse your crying infant and let your toddler pee in the weeds.

- You can survive on much MUCH less sleep than you ever thought possible.

- You make sure the kids all have matching clothes, are fed and clean but you walk out of the house without brushing your hair or teeth.

- The phrase "oops, I spilled" most likely means you'll be mopping up an entire bottle of dish soap from the door of the dishwasher.

- You find dried baby poop on your pants and aren't completely grossed out by it. In fact, you're so tired that you forget to even change your pants.

- Your house becomes a mine field of dolls, legos, and books.

- You aren't surprised to find a pair of socks or other pieces of laundry in kitchen drawers or the fridge.

- You find hundreds of teeny tiny pieces of toilet paper strewn about the bathroom floor and stuck to the bottom of your feet.

- You often fold the laundry twice or three times because we all know what "I want to help fold the clothes, mama" really means.

- Stickers. Everywhere.

- You find glitter in the baby's hair.

- You realize late in the afternoon that you've only eaten half of your toddlers' banana, the last bites of her toast, and a handful of nuts all day.

- You find yourself humming the Elmo's World theme song when your children aren't even nearby.

- You stop wearing black shirts because you find that spit-up and boogers are too easy to spot on them.

- Your windows and doors always have nose/hand/finger prints on them even right after they're cleaned.

- The perfect date night is taking a nap with your hubby.

- You can recite "Jamberry" and "When You Give a Mouse a Cookie" by heart because you've read them 28 times this week.

- You know the clean-up song. Oh you know what I'm talking about!

- You frequently find rocks or small toys in the dryer.

- You find yourself gently swaying back and forth even when you're not holding a baby.

- Grocery shopping alone is a mini vacation.

- Your purse no longer holds make-up, hair accessories, a compact, and gum. It is now filled with plastic toy animals, a container of snacks, an extra pair of undies for your toddler, diapers and wipes, and a few loose crayons.

- Your fridge is covered in beautiful art!

- The phrase, "I wiped myself, mama!" means finding a mutilated roll of toilet paper and pee and/or poo on the toilet, the rug, the sink, the floor, and her clothes.

- You beam with pride when your baby smiles for the first time, learns a new song, a word, shares with others, rolls over, sits up, learns to put her clothes on by herself, takes their first steps, laughs, etc.

- You get excited when you're able to sleep for 4 consecutive hours at night.

- Your computer goes excruciatingly slow because you have billions of pictures of your kids on it taking up all of the memory.

- Your table no longer has vases of roses and daisy's, but of dandelions and creeping charlie's.

- You are a pro at cutting up any kind of food into teeny tiny pieces.

- Hearing the phrase, "I love you, mama/dada" from your little one is pretty much the best thing ever.

- You would do almost anything for your kids and you absolutely don't regret any of the above!

Feel free to add your own!  

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  1. When you have done airplane spoons and potty dances in order to teach the benefit of eating and NOT peeing in your pants!!!