Monday, June 25, 2012

Decorating on a Budget: Declan's Room

As I mentioned in the post on Emery's room we live in a small two bedroom house, so Declan's room is actually mine and Dustin's bedroom as well. It's tight, but it works. Emery's room is 9x9 and ours is 10x11. We actually took the doors off of the closet just to use that space for the changing table, Declan's clothes, diapers, and other baby items. 

I actually made most of the decorations before he was born and didn't set anything up because we were planning on moving to a bigger space. Since we decided to stick it out longer in our little home here I wanted to set up the crib and decorate the space with all of the things I made and collected for his future room. He was definitely outgrowing his Moses basket as well so that was another reason to set up the crib. Since the room is tiny and we had to make room for our bed, our dresser, the changing table, and the crib, things are put into the best places possible to make the space usable, but it's definitely not my ideal set-up. I really don't like that we had to put the crib and our bed in front of the window, blocking it. Also, I don't have everything out since the space is too small to fit everything like our rocker and Declan's dresser. One day maybe we'll all have rooms of our own, but for now this is what works. 

As with Em's room I decided to pick a theme for Declan's room. I love Little Golden Books and thought the Tawny Scrawny Lion would be super cute for a boys room.

The changing table in the closet. We found this for $30 at a consignment store and it just happened to match our crib perfectly. It has tons of storage so it easily holds all of Declan's clothes, diapers and other things. The little stuffed lion was a thrift store find, new with tags for $0.49. 

Thrift store frame that Dustin spray painted white for me. Then I clipped out some pictures from the book and added them into the frames. 
Total: $2

My mom found this little lion at Home Goods and I thought he was super cute. We use him as a prop to take Declan's monthly pictures with too. Notice the crib sheet in Tawny Scrawny Lion fabric? I love that a lot of the classic Little Golden Books have fabric that matches! 

The frames were purchased from the thrift store and the pictures were cut out from the book. I meant to paint the frames white, but then decided I sort of liked the look of the gold. I might change my mind later, we'll see. This wall is sort of a work in progress, as I have a few more pictures and frames to hang...once I paint them and get around to hanging them. I'll add pictures later once it's finished.
Total: $1

I made the mobile out of a thrifted embroidery hoop (can you tell I like these things?!), some beads, and one entire Tawny Scrawny Lion book cut into circles. I just sewed the circles all together in lines then tied them to the hoop. 
Total: $5

I am a sucker for crocheted quilts and really loved the colors in this one that I found on Etsy. I think it would've cost me more just buying the yarn (not to mention hours and hours of my time) to make one myself. 
Total: $15

The pillow (along with another one not pictured) I made with extra fabric I had and pillow forms I found on clearance at the craft store.
Total: $10

This little train I bought from an online baby store with a Groupon I purchased a year ago. It happened to match the room really well since it has a little lion in it.
Total: $8

I made three fitted sheets for the crib (two pictured here and the third is the one on the mattress in the other pictures).
Total: $16

I decided to make Declan a quilt that will be stored for now but can be used for his first real bed in a year or two. The batting is another old thrift store blanket and the fabric is a mix of scrap fabric I already had and some Tawny Scrawny fabric I found online. It's been folded up and stored in a bin for a while so it's extra wrinkly, but I detest ironing so that's not happening anytime soon.

Total for the quilt: $30

Next Project: Maybe a quilt for our bed and some random pillows and things for around the house.

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  1. I wish I was as creative and crafty as you are! Fabulous job mama!