Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ten Indoor Activities with Em

Since today is one of those rainy, curl up with a blanket and cuddle with your little ones sort of a day, I thought I'd post about some things we like to do inside. I love finding new activities or crafts to do with Emery for these kind of rainy days, the snowy days, or whenever we aren't able to get outside. Here's some of our fun in action.

1. Water beads. Endless fun for a 2 year old...or pretty much anyone. We just fill up a bin of them and add some bowls, spoons, things to scoop, etc. Sometimes we'll pretend we're baking so I'll put some measuring cups and spoons in too. 

2. Dry beans, random objects, some cups, spoons, and a large container. Sensory exercises, counting practicing, color coding, and more. 

3. Tea set and water. We have a glass pitcher and cups from  Pouring exercises and a fun indoor tea party.

4. Holiday craft sets on sale from Joann's or Michaels. Just for fun. I always wait until after a holiday to go in to the store and then you can purchase craft sets for at least half the price. 

5. Fuzzy balls, buttons, beans, yarn, etc plus glue and paper. Draw something with glue on the paper and let Em cover it up with stuff.

6. Paint, brushes, and a glass jar (old spaghetti/jelly/pickle jar). Homemade flower vase or containers for Holiday decor. 

7. Fuzzy balls, glue, googly eyes = Cute little monsters.

8. Buttons and various containers. Practice counting, sorting, and just so much fun. Buttons are one of Em's favorite toys. You can usually find bags of them for a dollar or two at the thrift store.

9. Tongs, small objects, egg carton. Practice with pincer grasp, counting and color coding.

10. Egg carton, scissors, crayons/markers, pipe cleaners = Beautiful flowers! We always save our egg cartons because there's always so many things to do with them.

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