Thursday, August 2, 2012

Declan at Four Months

Our little Declan boy is 4 months old already! I may be a bit biased but I'm pretty certain that he's getting cuter every day. :)

Declan's been gabbing away these days, singing, and he even throws a few shrill shrieks in every once in a while. I'm sure he's just trying to mimic the sounds his big sister makes! Most mornings for the past couple weeks I wake up to him lying next to me singing away. He can sing, "ahhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhh, aaaaahhh, aahhh, aaaaaaahhh, uhhhh" for at least 15 minutes straight before he wants me to chat with him. What a lovely way to wake up in the morning!

Telling Secrets...

He still has not attempted to roll over, but thoroughly enjoys playing on his back or tummy or watching his big sister play right next to him. I'm pretty sure he's going to be crawling or walking faster than his sister did because he just does not sit still! You really have to make sure you have a good grip on him when you sit to hold him because he kicks and bounces and jerks around so much that I wouldn't be surprised if he just leaped out of someones hands!

He has been enjoying playing with actual toys and will shove just about anything he can grab hold of into his mouth. Definitely teething too, as I have to change him sometimes multiple times per day because his entire onesie is soaked.
Daddy and Emery taking Declan on a walk in her baby stroller.

He's been sleeping well lately. He goes down to bed by 8-8:30 and will sleep for about 6-8 hours and then be up every hour or two until 6:30. Then he takes 3 naps every day. He'll usually take 3 long naps unless we're out and about or running errands. He falls asleep well in the car but he wakes up within minutes if we try to bring him inside, so we usually drive around for a bit until he wakes up in the car after about half an hour.

My cuddly boy

On another note, Declan just sampled his first food today! Of course, we weren't planning on giving him solids for another couple months, but Emery had other plans. I was getting some bread out of the oven and I peeked into the living room just in time to catch her giving Declan a little bite of her chocolate chip granola bar! She was just sharing her snack with her baby brother so I couldn't get too upset with her. It could always be worse, right?! Uh huh.

He's mastered the "duck face." 
Declan's demeanor has been so cool, calm, and relaxed the last couple months. He's been really content just sitting with someone, playing by himself for a short time, and is basically a very happy chill little guy. He's super silly and giggly but he also has a very stoic serious face (see above). The only times he gets upset is if he's overtired, overly hungry, or too hot. Declan absolutely LOVES being outside, but because he has so many rolls and baby chub he really does not enjoy the heat for a long period of time.

I cannot resist taking a million pictures of both my cuties together. They really absolutely love each other and it's so fun to watch them talk, laugh, and interact with each other!

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  1. Mallory, I LOVED reading this update! You may be biased but you're also RIGHT, your kids, both of them, are cuter every day!!