Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Declan at Five Months

Wow, this is so late! I took the pictures but haven't gotten around to posting this so now Declan is 5 1/2 months! Oops.

Well our little man has gone through quite a few changes this past month.

Daddy's buddy

Declan weighs about 20 pounds now. It won't be long before he passes his big sister up at this rate!

Little cutie pie

He went through a 4-month wakeful period that lasted the entire month and we are just starting to see the light at the end of the up-at-least-every-hour-phase. He'd be up to eat or fuss about 7 times per night and it was pretty tough. I am tired. But being second-time parents makes those exhausting moments not seem so bad because we know that this is just a phase. It will pass. It won't last forever. Plus, this little baby will be grown up before we know it so right now I'm just trying to soak up all those extra middle of the night cuddles with my little boy!

Declan started rolling over this month. He hasn't rolled from his back to his tummy, but he has rolled from his tummy to his back at least half a dozen times now. It won't be long and he'll be rolling across the entire house!

Another big milestone that Declan has accomplished this month is sitting up on his own!!

My sweet peas...
 This one makes me a little teary eyed because now he just seems so big! :(

He's so cute sitting up next to his big sister, playing, and mostly watching her play. He's pretty sturdy on his own and it only took him about a week to really master sitting up without any support. He rarely topples over now, even though we usually take necessary pillow precautions just in case. :)

 Some things we're discovering about Declan:

-He's turning into a very noisy little guy like his sister. He babbles and sings, screams just for fun, and gets very VERY loud and lets everyone know when he gets tired. He's a passionate guy like his sister.
-He is not a fan of crowds. He'll get fussy and upset if it's too loud, there's too much going on, or if he can't eat in peace. Emery is so opposite of this (she loves crowds). He must be an introvert and she must be the extrovert!
-Along those lines, when it's bed time he will only eat and fall asleep if I go into a quiet room. He gets very crabby and refuses to eat unless it's quiet.
-Declan is an early riser. He is up and ready to roll by 6:30 am at the very latest. He's usually ready for bed at night between 6:30-7:30 pm.
-Declan adores his big sister. He just loves to watch her and thinks most everything she does is hilarious.
-Declan doesn't like millions of kisses...and pokes, and jabs, and hugs, and squeezes from Em though. It's all part of having a big sis that adores her little brother! :)

Em can get Declan to laugh better than anyone! He just giggles hysterically at her silliness! 

Super daddy!!

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