Sunday, September 23, 2012

Random Craft Post #2

"Bunny needs clothes so he won't get cold outside in the winter when we go out to make Frosty."

Who can say no to that? Not me. Plus, I had my sewing machine sitting out on the table and wanted to make something during nap time.

What you'll need:
Sewing machine
A half yard of cotton quilting fabric (no stretch) - I used the fabric from an old skirt I found at the thrift store and another little piece of scrap fabric I had in my sewing box

What I did:
This isn't so much a tutorial, but a brief explanation and pep talk. You can make doll clothes! If I can make doll (or bunny) clothes, then you can too! Honestly, I have never made doll clothes. I just recently  made my first shirt for Em and onesie for Declan...with lots of errors. They can still be worn and I can easily hide those errors though and I'm fine with that. Like I've said, I really am not a perfectionist in this area. I don't put high expectations on what I create so I have fun regardless.

I pretty much just looked at one of the kids' shirts, cut out pieces from my fabrics according to what I thought would work and started sewing. I made lots of mistakes but got this done while the kids napped. It turned out fairly decent...unless you're a sewing expert or have better eyesight than me. :)

Tips when making doll clothes:
-Add velcro for closures so your little guy/gal can easily take the clothes off and on.
-But...depending on the age of your child you can add other things like buttons, ribbons, etc to help them learn new skills
-Make the clothes a little bigger than you would think so they come off and on easily
-It's all about trial and error
-Have fun!

The great thing about doll clothes is that they don't have to be perfect at all. Not at all. They're great to experiment with, be creative with, practice for making real clothes, and your little one will love them no matter what. Em didn't inspect these or notice the inside-out sleeves (oops), or the arm holes that are different sizes, or the pant waist that is very goofy looking.

Em loved these and immediately asked if I'd make bunny a hat to go with it. :)
If I can do it, so can you!

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