Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Since it's been such a long time since I've blogged, I'll post a bunch of cute pictures, some recent updates, and some Valentines day fun. 

Em's latest words: good girl "gugal," clean (she likes to wipe her face and ours as she says this), sticker, color (for crayons), toe, pocket "pah," cheese, grandma/grandpa (this is one word - "gmagmpa"), tickle, poke, go, kitty "kiyee," gentle "genta," close (loves to close the cupboard drawers/dryer/etc), and her first two-word phrase, "bye bye dada."

Here are some random cute pictures...

 She loves driving her car all over the house!
 And pushing it. :)

 And pushing her other toy...
 One of her other activities...putting on and off mittens and slippers/shoes.
 These ones are a little big!
 She recently learned how to get into three of the kitchen drawers.
 She loves putting on her boots. Don't ask what she's wearing!!

On Valentine's day I thought it'd be fun to let Em do her first painting and make some Valentine's to give daddy when he got home from work. I made some rice krispie treats while Em made a pretty mess. :)
 We started with some coloring...
 Then we filled a bin with some paint, jellybeans, and paper hearts and let Em shake it up to make some more pretty artwork.
 Then we got out the paints and let the fingers do the rest. This got pretty messy...
 As you can see!
Bath time after that!
 Showing daddy her toes after he got home from work and she got out of the bath.
 Fun with heart stickers.
 Not walking by herself yet, but standing for a while.
 So cute. :)

After Emery went to bed for the night, Dustin and I got all dressed up for our "date." Dustin made me put on a dress and he lit the house in candles and prepared some T-bone steaks!

Yum! T-bone steaks, garlic mashed potatoes, and asparagus. What a great Valentine's day!

And Emery's artwork drying overnight. :)